Monday, November 21, 2011

What's the Deal with Hashtags?

Social Media is a medium that has experienced such explosive growth over the past couple years, and volumes of information are now available to marketers. The question that overwhelms marketers though, is where to start?

This is where hashtags come in. Hashtags can help organize content and can also raise awareness within social communities (namely Twitter) if they are used correctly, and in a timely fashion. Providing value through content is a key objective of marketers within social media, and hashtags can act as a vessel for sharing that content to their participating communities.
Be prepared to hear about what the "true deal" is with hashtags from Chris Green and Cody Skrzypkowski at the Trends Talk event!

The following headings are the main focus of the hashtag presentation:
  • What is a Hashtag?

  • Blog/Twitter Mentions>

  • Awareness Potential (brands and campaigns)

  • Connectivity (to blogs for example)

  • Hashtags: Use From a marketing Standpoint

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